Monarch (Mind Control) Programming

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Tim Baber, B.A., A.L.A.

alias "beachhutman" on twitter

( Born 1956-       )

Personal Suppositions: experiences


1. USA Monarch Program c.1986 - present

2. As an extraordinarily rare research tall poppy met Mengele(!)

3. NSA Psyops Extreme Process c. 2008- present day

This is just to introduce some key words in context.

Psychological vulnerability to shall we call it "switchability", Magicians and Minstrels, kids and their trust in adults..., The Danny Kaye Disneyesque  idealised benevolence view versus a  Kafka ambivalence that conceals but reveals eventually the military reachback into the darker origins of "nudging" people.

This site follows the Quixotic tradition, but for good reason.

The British Empire ....hearts and minds.....Imperial Conditioning, Our control of Kings and Potentates, Our children: traditions of loving control  using scary stuff, The reality. Specialisation...Brothers Grimm a clue, Origins priestly trauma based conversions noticed (via ancient Shamanism tradition), in the modern performing arts. Rogan Taylor. "The Death and Resurrection Show". Modern equivalents. CIA Operation Often. NSA The Extreme Process )Psyops) GCHQ, "Nudging" unit.

Hypnotism , still using trauma or, as was before professionalisation, ecstasy, Germans master and name the Marionette Syndrome, National (Marchen volkskunde survivals) plus National ambitions assert now, equals secret funded Weltanschauungskrieg, really determined Military Mind Control, Nazi (Mengele's trauma expertise, yup. that was why he was so hard). The obviously covert use of even Satanic Ritual Abuse because it scares best and silences critics and disperses inquiry, (Freemasonry, religion and all the usual suspects thrown in for good measure),  The idea it must be a con trick. The outcomes make any debate unnecessary. Sublimation now in the mass media and  notably today Celebrity culture.  Role of audio/ video/ horror, trauma, pain, hypnosis, NLP, whatever works, disassociation, learning from others at it already.  Overtaking  notably sex offences and offenders ...whatever works.... and without limit and to the extent possible by and for experimentation,  testing the normal spectrum pushing limits.... trawling for and attaching to its mast any taint, skill, bent ot trait, cross fertilization in its applications.....mimickry, competition, anything goes...more escapees as system leaks.

Value:  American costs of "total war" even abroad,  still nuclear consequences and collateral now unacceptable. Killing wars no longer  an affordable adventure as when in jungle, ocean, sky or desert, Populations' gone soft. Threats to military and political hegemony, US military success MK Ultra works, uses for intelligence military, police, use widens and cascades down society....police,  now civilian employees and family members...,  prisoners and suspects   .....anyone fair game for evolving experimentation without cap or limit as worldwide pivotal role recognised...... need to affect the mind of the enemy, leaders, their populations  but  own host nation populations....CIA employ consultants: Edward Bernays "The Engineering of Consent" (see YouTube) But some cultures beyond reach, so more direct Psyops Will Filer bleeding edge research as noticed by him.

Monarch Programming was thus created to order for civilian populations, children easiest to experiment upon, hundreds of secret programs, all covert, many within established medical care. Worldwide batttlefield for the mind, without limit people compelled to contribute. Bizarre subprojects.

Special treatment for conditions of interest, but   still leakages whistleblow the provenance, the abuse and collateral damage and if compelled to act to save the nation as if it were true, disgust at the mismanagement and abuse of the scheme   Since his death Mengele's grip and cloak of secrecy have been lost for expansion, and  that  nomans land even I penetrated by astonishing brinkmanship by both you would not believe.

Google my name with his. (later)

Without limits means MP will use anything that works: Operation Often is the beginning of the end....organised crime, slavery, sexual slavery, Human puppets, Any of it of it chosen as the cover story and seemingly glorified. Now there is a circle of supposed or real Hidden Masters, Hidden dark elements (the so called illuminati)  seeking Slave Nations making provenance almost impossible to distinguish from the cover story.

The system is compartmentalised almost by reflex action.

That means the tools of the trade have to come from......

The usual suspects include skill sets ( Masonic identification systems for example that are pretty secure) used in the programs, and yet more impenetrable operating grids based on false science...esoteric Cabala, Vrill, Thule, IT theory,  you name it, all shells to  hide progress.... not real criteria of course but some believe it. Such misinformation and disinformation hated by librarians and  I am a Chartered Librarian from the 80's trained to drill into the data,  trained to spot provenance, borowings and here  esoteric footprints in the sand show reality overtaken and nonsense now used for camouflage, or false flag value. Mass media conflates it all.   I have no monopoly on any of this, and you need to find your own tunnel into history. Tunnel or straw, we clutch at this as if it were a blocked aorta, for the congestion just got real.

CIA/NSA  refusenik Will Filer's  NSA Psyops book is a welcome confirmation. Real or false competition threats. Balkanisation of the technolgy via other National interests, or End to War and World Peace  in such a New World Order (argument) Proof of concept goes on, experimentation must continue  whatever the cost without limit , wherever it leads us. Claims of a new age of superbeings 90% a parlour trick   Yet world skepticism  prevails and an obvious abandonment of human rights in each and every regard.  Trawl of the world for identifying threats opportunities and neutralising hostile mindsets.

Human Rights seen as terrorism likely to be risk all Refuseniks, escapees and rebellion. People choose what they have to anyway. What gives them the least hurt.

Counter subversion of all activists  but those doing the  subversion by old fashioned standards are now the "Notional" security services. Race to convert us all, sadly.

A new geographic mosaic of power created,  but it is more a kaleidoscope of Monarch programming with multiple tipping points achieved somewhere in every profession. Human collateral damage incalculable as obligations cascade and blame is in another deck of cards.

New total surveillance and counter insurgency measures  to preserve the peace, humans seen as "capital" but not in a nice way, Humanistic neutral internationalism always struggling to cope dismissed by a new proto-fascism anticipating dominance with Monarch Programming.  One World Order or New World Order mindsets compete for legitimacy, in an acceleration of positioning. In the above kaleidoscope much warfare will be subliminal and damage covered  by societal provision, inverting the organisations aims from what they were to being apologists or consultants to the system,just as Veblen theorised, as in the book by  Gordon Carr,"The Angry Brigade"

We need a safe place to swim in such waters , as our everyday guardians have yet to spot the danger  and the others have been compromised unless living in a beach hut for years.

The lifeguard,  artist or spy is now an artificer who helps the mercenary gnomes of Zurich perpetuate their landscape and conquests. The international capital owners, need the best artists, and have reason to believe they will prevail.  They will then not need to share with us their percentage as by custom or kindness and we are human capital not in a nice way.

Art has always been of use to coalesce a nation or elite, maybe talk truth to power but more often power to truth.  

But their art?  Art used to represent man hours. Really.

In the making of the artist or in the execution. To the connoisseur art also represents the man hours decoding it.  

But Monarch art? The stuff gives me the buzz of a buzz saw.

It is porn really, (as in a world of need food photos and descriptions persist in the Sunday magazines might be porn) if you get my meaning. And unpleasant as it ratchets up on your screen.

If nothing else follow this argument to better discriminate art you like from art you know has gone awry. A mother can tell.

For history had Mengele ( used as shorthand) attachemotive to the programming motifs within art, linking them to his disinhibition or  inhibitions and concept proven for the rest of us there were buyers everywhere..

Mind Control will destroy everything represented in any art it touches. Disney included. Disney especially gets a hard time from Fritz SPRINGMEIER.  A US radio host  Alex Jones has republished the strange fruit in Fritz's book because they see a global momentous struggle ahead for YOUR mind in the art, the TV and radio you consume.

As Panopticon Security I am a landscape gazer, so I wrote to AJ to change the backcloth used from when he was interviewing a hero of mine, Greg Palast to camera. I knew it to be derogator based on my programming. Brown squares. Just saying. It was done. What can stick like s--- is apparent to someone who was self aware when the points were made in context.

Children's art and literature is an especial sub program I will dip into to try to lighten this task, but every posible angle has been covered in recent decades even here, especially here. Revivals by the way, are especially suspicious of being a reworked theme.

We innocently expect to export our "James Bond" motifs around the world. We know we garner admiration and absorbtion of our little messages of cultural dominance. Now we might offer analysis to celebrate what is real and disclose what was an unfriendly act. Even without without the sublimated pain, torture and trauma  art "nudges" us and usually for the better. Today... now we need a little boat and someone who loves us to keep us afloat as a common conclusion is to throw it ALL away.

I hope to pursue for the next few years what happened to the Shamanism Harlequinade, Commedia d'el Arte and Pantomime tradition that served societies, Kings, Fools, Queens and knaves quite well before the miltary decided to plump for trauma, pain, drugs, hypnosis and the I presume fascist answers to what most men can agree upon. As I spot a lag that has opened up some programmer goes back, reaches back, into the community of ideas to steal the image, the concept, the power of the motif and amplify it with Monarch agression. Pinnocchio becomes again an instruction to comply, but with their darker darker purpose. But, cheerily, maybe to stop war..remember that got my attention before.

I have absorbed this responsibility because though I am I hope no angry victim fooled by a cheap-shot secret agent program everyone falls for, I refuse to be a  "James Bond" looking for a Mr Illuminati King comic book villan.   Anyway, my writing  is a chamber of secrets short of a full load. Yet few have been through so much of each in a lifetime as I  and remained stubbornly grounded capable of revealing if I write "The Angry Brigade" a pernicious stinging hits my left instep, just as Will Filer says it does in his boook on the NSA and psyops.

Who knows when I got the short straw. I guess before the age of 5, like so many then and since...then as a murder suspect in1979, the experimental police interrogation kicked in, the experimental nighttime animations in 1986, a military grade trauma that began the last four years of assiduous reading. Plus obviously the meeting a supposedly dead Mengele looking for the tall poppy who did that convergent theme park research in 2002.

In the 70's I was a scholar of the Stith-Thompson Folklore Motif-Index classifying all of these sorts of visual items from traditional verbal and proof of concept written sources. That eased my shift into this subject. To revive that to index Monarch Programming symbols that might save the world from this might only extend other damaging metaphors embedded in the media as few realise.. So what to do?

Though the subject is toxic, usually, the gloves are on to allow me to tap you to get your attention and seek a wiki solution to our mutual unravelling. Remember it is the spies who are now clutching at straws.

Here is an early attempt for spies. It is my 2002 research simplified on wikispooks where it may be changed by others.

Trust me, spying has changed not a jot, I can only get your confidence when you have had mine. (David Mamet?)

It took nine years to realise it was Mengele who had felt the need to see who I was in person for ucovering that research. Luckily. And when I found out, I resolved to buy this website. As Victor Kyam bought the razor company when he had a very close shave.

When National Security Services on both sides of the Atlantic permit an outsider to have seen into their predicament and go public something has gone badly wrong.  With Will Filer now,  on what once were strtegic secrets or a spectrum of talents in different professions like spy, soldier, magician or King, they have broken secrecy. Something is very very wrong for you to be able to read this. On the other hand it is my very argument that got me here on your behalf and theirs, since they have to act through proxies.And their hands are tied.  And I am but a scribe... but for the moment at least a partially sentient one with the faint chance of finding a box containing hope from mythology..

My faux ironic company Panopticon Security has a four year provenance and thousands of letters written to leaders of opinion and relevant big brothers' so they know what to expect here. As many of those as I can find I want to reproduce as I get on with this 2  day old site!

I lost six months worth of writing to people one morning after the limit of torture I was able to respond to got its hunted down response. So I have been broken and the difference is I pick myself up, dust myself down, and each time try to start all over again. I count three simulated heart attacks and some swooning.

After that it has just been the relentlessness of it all against my Pollyanna programming.Now and again I get thrown a bone. Just saying. Remember trust is often within a narrow spectrum or bandwith, and I always avoid the specialist if I can. Mostly I get Will Filer's described I mean tickling and nudging parts of my anatomy as he describes in his book, Psyops.

It remains negotiation free and dialogue denied . For they cannot admit to what they have done. I have offered to be an "honest broker".It might keep me alive for longer, as a PollyAnna is disinhibited only in some respects.  And they? They need their get out clause that says they had no effective mens rea.

After all, the scheme gently excises the legal responsibility of mens rea from subject to scheme in my view.  Many a good man or child has been sacrificed under the "old rules" of entrapment and that demanded guilt once, real or contrived, then secrecy, or at least allusion. Few realise "the game is afoot", Mr Snowden and Wikileaks have now their own website on this subject to promote, "Weltanschauungskrieg Leaks" which makes the start point , the privacy issue a minor skirmish in my opinion. The secret is never to be made to feel guilty if you are not. And if you are? I dunno? Move on.

Duplicity at this stage would serve no-one any purpose, but if you wish to remain anonymous ...well. we are all past that stage.  There are no wagons to circle anymore, if the wheels stop turning you are now brain dead.

The fight is now to save us all from a system that has taken your will. I do hope Will Filer is not a joke. They do like jokes like that.

But it sort of says, willpower might be the most authentic riposte.

I am now working over the holiday on this stripped down new site myself.   I am a now "notional" agent for the Security Services in the whole wide world  forgetting the punishing competition  as in the Tour de France to come first with a fix. ( That is a clue to those skilled in the art... I am one of them,.... except I know it!....and have let slip what the dogs of war were) I am  working with apparent permissiveness to try to duplicate my insousiance. Science likes to duplicate, then clone, contain or exploit. Most often it breaks what is broken and starts all over again.

But those inside the "cage" have now a need to be outside the box looking for a way out for everyone now heading their way. I am here paid to do no actual directed work. Salarymen within have been compromised by the very system that hardened them and promised an end to war for ourselves. Of course this is a best case scenario, but I feel free and try to rebel against strong women now and then.

They know my INTENT is what theirs was and as John le Carre the spy writer said, "if you speak ill in any way of the intel people they will go or you", but "if you say anything nice about them at all, they will almost let you say anything afterwards ". A veil or two  of allegory is much admired, too, but that is more a tradition when all the cards need to be on the table. Mine are.

Maybe they want statistical numbers doing this? I warn you,  it is not a hobby anymore outside my carefree earshot.

And so much IS allusive. The picture of a whispering sculpture is art but it is art that tells a truth. It is a Monarch allusion in my book for "dual acquisition hypnosis".

If you want to acquire another human being to be within Monarch programming, you do not need to resort to Mengele maybe to do the easy thing of an initial slide into dis-apprehension. , It seems so common I guess it is automated now. China Lake anyone?

Some say a motif meme bearing Hollywood celebrity even just needs a few electroshocks from a discreet BDSM toy and a snuff video these days. Toto had had his day as an example of cruelty applied to a child's pets  in the tradition of trauma.

Anyway a wag would say, Mengele would split your attention as only he could and do it several times each a different way, so that by survival of the fittest the strongest candidate or surviving "alternate reality" he sprung into play would survive!  He would see how far he could go. Someone had to  at some point, and he probably did not "mean" to be bad. But to have HIM in your life as I had is not good unless it unlocks what he has done for US ALL in safety by forcing some apprehension of it.

And indeed this is exactly how Monarch programming works. it is never personal. It is statistical. This is why I can do this. it might lead somewhere new as I am I think outside the circle of  broken minds non permeability to outside? It is a tricky thing to claim.

I do not like this similar picture so much aesthetically but it does seem to betray someone skilled in the art or aware of it? And I forget who it is, if you know...a little diversion for you? I have ignored famous names unknown to me in case of disinformation.

That "red hat" boldness is not a weakness, it is a strength of the scheme borrowed from older professions.. probably borrowed of Freemasonry....they draw a circle but let you in. I know similarities give away a class of things and it is the price of easy attachement  for the meme to "travel". All"  they" usually require is the allusion remains an illusion to any onlooker. Now we have dealt with art, let's do music.....Ho Ho...this is a lifetime, just being a consumer of the scheme, and anyway Mengele liked music, and used that.. Few things today have not had the Monarch Funeral Director's eye.

But if you give a subject  an Optician's standard field of view test you can if you have the resources of the Sate mimick NLP hand gestures with the lights distracting the eyes  and at least soften the subject up with no-one knowing what just happened, This is an assumption. Monarch has to live in the real world and will use whatever works, whatever helps. It worries me I am in that frame?

Then as happens around the country thousands of time an hour, you offer a free hearing test and very special "test" headphone tones compete for your attention left and right until you sort of mentally fail....and the job is all but done. I imagine proofs of this include magicians on TV having seeming remote powers?

This is a supposition. And I have no money anymore, but I betcha someone has considered it. In fact a blogger claimed it was common, I remember now and you can chase that claim till you find it. Whatever, expect little visual clues kicking in and how about teenagers encouraged to buy headphones with what audio engineers reviewing them will say have ridiculous BASS characteristics. This website is a whole new way of being vigilant.

Ay least you might now only buy decent "cans". but then my retro British quadrophonic mimicking system and high end amateur radio headset is probably not helping me dissimilate any audio acquisition Will Filer went to the trouble to warn us about. From that there is no escape..he says even if your stuff is turned off. Perhaps Diogenes knew something.

I have had to put in the hours to get to here, which is a better place to be than a slave who knows not his binds.....and humour can be a diversion. But I write for a reason. To see a (better) resolution. To lose a sense of rebellion, of resistance, of argument, would be like some functionary puppet not looking for some chance to "lead us to a place of safety", still something every sworn crown officer has a duty to do. Ironically. Perhaps.

We still can grab back moments of kindness as a right.

Recently the entire Rothschild dynasty held a massive party in that Mediterranean country adjoining boring old Albania.  Montenegro, it is the country an Irish priest recently fled to when facing the worst sorts of charges regarding kiddies in his care. I wondered if he felt he had been wrongly compromised and someone there he thought might be a scheme breaker who would manage somehow a lost cause in the face of police action

not looking for a scheme but an individual. Well, it is a free country and there was something in that story that my vigilance twerked at.

You can look it up. Their Dynastic  name keeps coming up, all the mind control conspiracy theorists love this stuff and you can see why!  I remember walking around a training ground between military style encounters bruising my limbs talking at interminable length I thought  to one senior scion or other of the family or so I thought  as it transpired I was trying to negotiate the release of a favoured friend from some cartoon form of entrapment and torture. I sensed in the absence of any real evidence of mischief I could only grasp at the strawman someone provided.

The CIA famously encourage defectors by hypnosis to think they talk to their wives  or anyone who will do to find out what there concerns are. I have had that, and tried to release children from a theme park machine torturing them relentlessly.

You can obviously trust me.

Had you offered me the  controls of a remote Drone circling the party of connectdness to this part of my story  I hope I would have said "go away" even .to disperse a reputed monster family as portrayed in the sources I have had to read As a librarian trained in evidence based research  I might have smelt a rat.  Or not. I know when I have seen an end of a tunnel I have broken their records reaching that point in mental space. You see the problem. And why I hate bthe NHS for giving Alzheimer aptiens black coloured straws. Think about it.

And if you google the name Ayaan Hirsi Ali, she felt she had to speak out as a Dutch MP against the brainwashing as she saw it over another religion. Her director of a documentary was stabbed to death and the knife went through a piece of paper with her name as Producer on it as being next . I caught her on the BBC World Service in January 2003 and commented on her website some support.  I compliment myself she showed up with a bodyguard at the hut I frequented then pictured here in 2003, but I might be a fantasist. She had three Dutch police teams protecting her 24/7 back home but went to the USA who liked her critical of Islamic freedoms "bravery" though she later apologised. She, a "looker" I found out AFTER my 3 am email, married a kind historian who made his name on the Rothschild's  authorised story..   people by the way as charming and personable as Prince Charles and other massively wealthy sponsors of this and that. And more knowledgeable about art or architecture, I will be bound.   But they might prefer me to be circumscised, ....but then was it Noel Coward used to ask that of his friends?

I try to make this as light as possible.

So our Ayaan married her gallant authorised intellectual and they were invited to the party. You see where this is leading. And she was/is/became delightfully ...pregnant.... would have been innocent under a drone. It is essential to strip from this website the "hate" and "kill 'em all" philosophy and remind ourselves Monarch Programming removes mens rea. Well I think it must.

Mens rea is the act of will of doing something knowingly..the act itself is actus rea. Judges look for both.

Can you imagine the carnage if like the Swiss we or others...were able to keep automatic weapons at home. Now, and in the near future before we find a wiki-solution. The act would be dependent on the will, which should be slow to anger.

We need to show we can be trusted with our minds to have weapons. Mens Rea remember.

My argument is we do not know anymore who to trust.

The "nudge" argument shifts the blame from the scheme to the individual. The system will seek to apply blame to the unit, not the organisation of the unit.

The UK governemnt is saying using sneaky techniques that are just about legal we can be nudged to pay our taxes and so on. They are calling it nudging. It is the thin edge of the wedge again.

Welcome to the fold the super rich who give away their wealth. Rockerfeller....yes I kow he finaced Berlin to finance Mengele, but the point is we are being told we are only being nudged to pay overlooked tax or donate to charity.. We still are responsible for the good or bad that we do. The nudgers make that clear, or else they are responsible for waht we do. Capiche?

FOR THE SAKE OF ARGUMENT I am doing what Monarch does. I am pushing the "slide" all the way back to the scheme, not the man woman or child, disassociated, disinhibited or ihhibited until a certain behviour or emotion is a certainty. THey have been pushing the control room slides all the way to maximum for decades. And then they have the gall to say we are responsible!

Why else do they bother but to guarantee the outcome they need. EVEN if it is only statistical the way things have been, the beast 666 computers are onto us. . They are not gambling with military secrets, until now it has been a statistical outcome sought. Now "it is a tailored fit, Mr Bond." The fit is now personal tailoring which is why you might want to cultivate a false identity with likes and dislikes the opposite of the truth. I found expected sexual preferences were expected in the real world, wheras mine were in archetypes of my own variation.

A bit of fun, but  pppppplease, the Monarch name?  It seems so obvious to go after a few well blamed elite families. Kill 'em all?

Well, we are a long way past applying a sticking plaster to something like the Hindenberg baloon when it has already exploded. And  in an explosive flash and smoke yes, maybe disguising yet more "monsters" suited to Monarch programming.

Monarch has  now passed into cartoon form, as have most of our institutions, egregriously revealed by a hero of mine, Johnny English. Comedy can be in the service of Monarch.

The body fluids have passed into legend. A lot of people are cock sure they are on top with just sublimate torture.  Many must be thinking, we have inherited a virus that simply wants to replicate itself which if it does destroys life for the supposed benficiaries.

Hunters have this problem with whales and rhino horn. We must ask the question of Atrhur the boy, Arthur the King and Merlin*. *Merlin in the real world will be the facilitator with an undocumented provenance you will have met at some corporate awayday.

Who'm does the 'grail' serve?

I now reckon on a long tradition of Merlin's each trying to find a successor within the scheme they know that might escape it. I keep hinting at someone taking the baton from me. Kipling only goes so far.

Did you expect the truth here?  The system cannot stop until it is statistically safe, or can act with pinpoint real time effect.

So where are we?  WE have passed the stage of which I complain. Here is a reminder, guesswork really.

Here is a children's chocolate box sort of art which betrays

about ten likely hidden allusions to Monarch Programming motifs.

You need to google around this bit for yourself: "Wizard of Oz" has a recognised provenance as (not the divine wine I offer of escapist longing, but) a cultural product like Fantasia (1941) and Alice in Wonderland Disney films ..where I came in...allegedly complicit in m/c programming and taken as such very seriously worldwide. Of this simple picture then:

1. The work "Oz" against a black dress evokes the m/c film.

2. the mask evokes "kitten programming"/sexual slavery

3., The curly wirly French design oft a motif yet to be explained.

4. The hand position slightly evocative of  "off with her head"

5. The crown spells "M" and is a sign for "M:onarch.

6. Brother/sister? /sibling "rivalry" beloved of Mengele "exploits"

7. The "Xmas" tree = esoteric provenance ie Solstice rubbish.

8. The cloak a reminder of clouds/secrecy/social vampirism?

9. Black = "Mother of darkness" evocation  (google it)

10. The others by this artist were at "Children in Art History"

I supose 5% of the artists leak Monarch symbolism. Here the concentration must estimate out as 100% probability.

And that is without me being compromised as a child or within this scheme or doing much else but just someone like you reading around a curiosity a bit.

The skills involved get very clever...this is kids stuff.

I have had some "prompting" like this, notably realising two physically separate in time and space elements/clues might be combined for the viewers mind so not revealing the influence to anyone nearby of the exposure squared. If you do not believe me Derren Brown on You Tube might do the trick?

Monarch Programming  might leave you feeing broken or lost, maybe only "inside" and you can still act as if all were normal? .Computer games and films ply their images for new teenager engagement? Zena: Warrior Princess....all of these can carry the very things I would wish no more. And yet they persist only subject to our consumption or their unchallenged promotion.

You do not need to be unaware of place, timee, or purpose and anything is possible...the new high speed NSA techniques new to me I am grateful to Will Filer for.  And if you were unaware....I ret my case very easily on this magic mountain between us.

I do not know if a disassociated person hears his own cry at the moment it happens. I do not know if such a being causes a tear to escape when something irretrievable is remembered within but inexpressable otherwise. But I do know when I have been sentient in the darkness my ever present answer has been: rebel, rebel, rebel. And worse, foullanguage has its place at this table and is to be expected.

Or perhaps it is not like that? Maybe you are a keen police trainee and you even paid for your own unspecified training to "sharpen you up" trainer speaking in one ear, another in the other out of phase. Same applies as the headphones and other skilled hands, and these people do this every day. get the idea....I have no idea..I just notice things out of place when it is too late. Best not to get drunk in Moldova.You might be pressurised into making a free choice between our specialists and theirs, assuming the expected differences are authentic.

The current scheme has evolved and Monarch Programming might suggest in animated style outsiders wereor are  like dinosaurs and only they the programmers knew all the tricks.

Well, they are now prisoners of that scheme, and I master of none but hoping to free them so we all can fulfill our potential. A simple glance at Will Filer's list of the little nudges  in The NSA and Psyops website and book which programmers use shows it to be a controlling fascist ideology. It is mostly about disinhibition....the page available anyway.

Even so, It is a god awful cock up of biblical proprtions and is very definately man made.  Thank God I have cleared that up and can contunue without looking over my shoulder. Christopher Hitchins, you have saved the world from guilt, religion entrapping our guilts for Monarch to enjoy. Fear, and being accessed via the very strength religion so regularly imparts. is a good reason for becoming compromised.

In fact, for Monarch Programming, start at the top again and see if this page works with the word "religion" not "program"...but only as an experiment. religion is not the enemy, but the abuse of the sense of one.... which Monarch will use.... to take it all... uses only our senses, not the Supernatural.

No one can be blamed, even Mengele, (whom I have met ...years ago when he was in England and he was I suppose because he made a point of it... seeing who this fine tall poppy was) ,

He himself was from countless accounts part of the scheme and  because of "THE SCHEME" I argue..... because someone must .......he had no mens rea , which destroys every other card in the deck. But that is what Mind Control can do.

That is a spirit of conciliation worthy of Mandela, but actually dictated by it seems to me as an outsider, a reality.  In any capacity Mandela used forgiveness. We need to do the same because this time the mens rea...the guilt is crafted or emphasised  by others, and a child or a man, a Mengele or a Mandela, to see through the wish to kill others is the very selling point of desireability used to bring us to this hiatus and predicament.

Mandela I heard had became a Freemason, just a rumour. It might explain some Masonic conciliation there? Another sign of the intelligence services realising it might be time to be authentic is the news  supposedly of Lee Harvey Oswald, I heard recently he has now a commemorative anonymous Star as a fallen agent on the "wall" at Langley...and his name evidentiallywithout explanation in the Book of Rememberance. I am cheered by this. All I am is a libraraian, agitated the system will not admit I could have met Mengele, or this or that is true when librarians know better. I guess the System is leaking clues they want to be redeemed too?. Or surely someone is trying to discredit my sources or research!!!! Either way I am in a place where what I do makes sense to me.

You want to know how I can get so far and reach from so low  places to so high? And be security vetted but be able to speculate about what has been the most difficult State secrets to identify, ever?...The answer is to suppose this system IS out of control, I have few other options, Damocles still applies.

If I can make daily discoveries statistically there will be others (of other nations , ones without Mengele that will be left behind). Others will be fighting wars just to get people to traumatise.Can they catch on with just torturing their usually tribal enemies so? NO. Monarch is a very specialised bird. The program is a world of previously teansmitted experience by guile  before TV though.

Monarch Programming thinks it has the mind control  strategically syndicated and encrypted so that every  nations children's blood and screams that have metaphorically been put to the sword might end the struggle for the victor. But surely children will suffer until this system is replaced buy something better. Something lighter. Something from the ecstatic mystery school cusorily rejected by the military as unreliable. Or is that a trap. just a matter of a slider betweem pleasure and pain?

I say "rebel" from my memory of the world of the Regent Theatre in Christchurch, five miles from where Mengele came to check who I was sometime later.  I say no to Monarch trauma from the world of  amdram Queen "Tony" the real world woman's Highcliffe hairdresser (who died on stage after getting another award later) who was Widow Twankee or something  and  my friend Goldilocks who together sang the duet "He don't need analysing....he must be in love". Every chance is that this was a Monarch programming asset...the tradition, the story, the ethos, the sentiment, the outcome that I went throug a conversion experience........but would Monarch Programming ride on such a production with more love than trauma?  I cling to the hope that this was a prior outside the fold flight of a paper plane of theatrical largesse falling into the orchestra pit offering the promise of love defeating the evil baron Bolligrew or whatever Monarch would have used and betrayed for the children then and since. Had I been witness to a non Monarch leakage of the old tradition?

Well, I am just saying.  It might explain a bogus BBC film I did with actor Julian Rhind Tutt interviewing me in the  last year or two.  I now realise they were looking  in their putative pilot for for what really really made a blogger with then a growing reputation cry, from clues in a blog I must revive or link to the bit here.  

I had a colleague once who worried she set me up for a fall with regard to maybe either the Chinese governement over showing their students books on the Tianneman Square incident or trying to do what I could for an Ambassadors daughter.

In life though a hut dweller I seem to know many echelons higher than I, and claim a familiarity born of talking truth to power. My mother reminded me yesterday I know a Lord from childhood who I had forgotten. Hmmm. Or it might have been one of many minor disinhibitions that my colleage felt needed a check.. Before my coleague realising I and my connections were innocent she had   beaten her heart and said mea culpa for thinking so , "Cherchez la Femme" is good advice though. If you think that was a gay thing it was not , it was a moment in time when someone hits the nail on the head...someone a devout religious principled person who I included in my circle of trust then and do now. I did get a fully enhanced early retirement as my morals are secure but it was a close run for a year or two.... and I did need the rest.

And my pantomime star, she was a..... what is the word?...archetype. So no human being was damaged in the making of this blog? She I knew was not the focus. It was the fairy dust. I knew it must be an allegory. Most get no further.

Monarch Programming used Operation Often and our tax dollars, and got the pox too.

Oh dear. Now they know how I manged to frequency hop the emotional programming , thanks to mental substitution, role play, liking womens clothing and basically errant infidelity. Still, some people go psychotic...I try to be indispensible in my retirement.

Seriously I have been interrogated without limit for years now to find out how I can have the nous to eventually take over the monarch programming website never mind anything else.

I am not saying trust me with your daughters, but I have got this far because they have trusted me, and I am, as they say in the Philippines, the genuine article. There was more but that was the main point.

Remember this, a parent knows when his or her child flinches at someone  or something thought benign something is wrong. Well, with me you should be able to find out what has been keeping so many in line, or out of it, inhibited or disinhibited, where, when, for whom and why. I will try and avoid the identifiers that might compromise humans caught up in the system , but beachhutman on twitter leaks a few. Think of a continuum from a wink to a slight stirring of a toe muscle that once knew electricity, or a parent who felt a stirring of a heart string someone once put there with a harp.

And remember. the only reason I can distill all this suffering and angst within a riddle and that within a know the because the Sword of Damocles has  focused the force that can destroy and more often than not does. Cherchez le least disagreeable apparent way out..the light someone lets you see actually is not there, so you must write as if your life depends upon it to reorintate and acquire a new target "you wish".

I thought I would never be able to do that in a world of evidence based investigation or journalism. I still think so. But what I can teach you may keep you free, keep you sane, and save the children you want saved from progressive losses in their self awareness at the very least.

What I have achieved is at best just "a denial of service". Sure. ....force majeure.... I have had proofs that would sink a battleship. I can hear what is not said, see what is not there and feel what is impossible to explain, except that it fits the monarch programming paradigm shift starting to leak into the blogosphere.

All this IS  in context, making sense and directing my attention

as it should, but unexpectedly I am aware of it.. So far, as far as I know, I have been SELF AWARE. Statistically that is unusual. Trust me, I think it is.....Loads of commentators revealing the same concers on a mobius strip of evidence.

My resistance to Opticians and headphones comes after  three years of trying not to annoy me too much gentle torture. because I am self aware. Which engages me futher to find the edges.

My disposition and PollyAnna hyperthymia has protected me from dissent and the only thing to do seems to be to persist looking for weaknesses and strengths for us all. It helps to have been given early retirement on a pretence of this disinhibition, but one day should I prove no longer an asset to those "staying the blow", you may find you replace me, or, as a test, a trial , a proof of concept, have to dismiss me. And if you think you can get my early retirement in my early 50's in your scheme remember,  you are mortal.

If the normal  rites and riles of childhood, imposed when you were knee high to a great man or woman seem not to apply,

this may not make that much sense to you. So reboot and find a new occupation, The low marginal cost of breaking a man  and the maneageable returns without obligations perpetuates the state of being a slave and a slave nation  such that you might worry about your own children if not yourself?

Rebel, rebel, rebel... that was what I used as a mantra the first encounter I had. But will you sign a non disclosure agreement, (of which I can disclose I have signed none). Will you sign the Official secrets Act? Will you read the small print agreements associated with this website? Do know or care what a cookie from me (The Cookie Monster) might mean if you consent.

Everybody now wnats our consent. The USA went to the lawyers for months before invading overseas. That is a mindset for preserving how things are supposed to look, that you have the power to consent, that you have the power to gift your life and service to the Free and the Brave. My point is Monarch has taken away our ability to consent knowingly, whether it actually has been applied or not. I have had it demonstrated to me and others were in the room that I can hear, see and feel elements known to be Monarch inspired without my consent. Normally I would not have even that knowledge. The next boundary is between knowing and not knowing.That I assume will escape me,my counsel and I.

I am here doing this with no care for myself and my country no care for its own choices made because whatever we might think it seems likely we all would have made them, given the nuclear holocaust that we created,  and had we not sought a way to amend others minds already so successfully over history.

My father was a WW2 pilot saddened for a lifetime by what he had to do. He was not anyone might think a man of secrets. And yet he was. It is possible to scan back at computer speed to those seconds that reveal what you seek. And what a man can be. And was for you. And for his fellow man.

He once told me of a scientist who invented a liquid so toxic it burnt through everything he put it in. He spent the rest of his life trying to find something to contain it. Somehow I think the intelligence officer that he was for 454 squadron knew something of the world his "heartfelt" story concealed and revealed.

Now the fate of the world seems to come down to a little boy putting a finger in the dyke and finding others see him as maybe the only thing that can be done. I have been through some notional trials and tests and so on, but that is no guarantee I am not lost within the maelstrom. Fine words still butter no parsnips.

Life was always a Ponzi scheme. But please, not a toxic crew?

But outcomes over a lifetime have me at the moment, leading the pack, following the finger I trace as I try to think not where did I bigin this journey, but where can we all get off.

And yet the pantomime, the archetype is in us all, and we need to find the good, not the trauma, the deception, the substitution of Monarch.

Monarch Programming might be able to stop a Premier using a hostile Navy to put to sea to fight  over some territory, and thus Monarch programming might be able to stop a war.

It is like playing battleships with a child too young to defend itself. IF you think a country will allow that you are mistaken. You can disappear a surface fleet but everyone has a submarine fleet or some equivalent to any threat to actuality.


For Monarch programming has been doing that for generations as you will discover. It is time for admitting the mind control, and now  identifying it, classifying it and indexing it, trying to reduce the damage and eventually dismantling it or we become the dismantled. I need more ideas than that, but you may need to keep them to yourself unless they offer Victory to us all.

Tim Baber, B.A., A.L.A. (retired)

Boxing Day 2013

More to follow in time.

Had I bought this boat for £2,000 I would be out there sailing eating and napping with hardly a care in the world. I only got to become hyper vigilant thanks to other people using me to explore dark corners their families had become compelled to comply or in the UK evaluate.

Instead I tried to help a girl who showed signs of sexual slavery who shuddered at just the thought of the close of it. Bless. Then colleagues with family obligations used  this now frustrated but hypomanic chump  to evaluate the risk of security vetting as opposed to security checking,

I actually  am security cleared and security vetted at the international CTEX level for the past 5 years. I discovered that the vetting I had was monarch programming and when I wrote whatever I knew I became security vetted...the distinction probably that this involved establishing a total compromise if needed and is camlled by Will Filer the US Psyops Extreme Process.

Everything here is on the web already, and is no threat as I understand it.

In any even I can be and have been prevented on rare occasions by being easy to divert or devolve my thoughts as I work alone from home.

You have heard of predictive or corrective text? That could be one wa and my hypervigilance spotted it when  my typing a word became a "weaner".

Thank you some graveyard shift gnome in the bowels of the USA NSA

Twitter: beachhutman is me thinking aloud.

Tim Baber.

I suspect, everyone has not got a clue what to do. Me, I just type.

You think? I now limp from nightly trials to daily close shaves and

I have played a part in the most fascinating story to emerge in the

last 100 years. That it inter alia is a world scoop in waiting is

a privilige to know and see, but full exposure is really needed.

I have been beachhutman on twitter since in 2009.  I later recognised I had met Mengele, so I researched that possibility. I found for myself (or the gift of a system looking for absolution ) he had worked beyond his necessarily faked death a master programmer. Remember like me he himself was a victim of a scheme looking for easy or hard conquests in the camps. The greater the dissociation  the happier the programmer.  Yet the more resistant,  the need to "kill" that spirit, but revive it to kill it again to be sure. This, the manner used by Mengele to see how strong was that will and where was the switch. Nothing else mattered.  From being able to inhibit or disinhibit a persons memory, will or understanding  you can create a panopticon.

A new place to look is: